The Global Food Festival

Project Life Presents The Global Food Festival A Cultural Experience

Project Life is designed to Uplift the Spirit of People, Build up Leaders, Promote Cultural Awareness, and strengthen every Nation.


Ministry: Sharing the message of Hope, Faith, and Unity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Awareness: Cultural, Heritage, Diversity, and Unification
Community: Feeding, Clothing, Cultural Awareness Education
Family: Promoting family unity through a fun-filled, safe, and positive atmosphere
Leaders & Youth Empowerment: Teaching young men and women to come forth in their God-given gifts and talents, to recognize their purpose and destiny in Christ, understand their dreams and aspirations are limitless, and become a positive influential figure within society

Feed the Nations

We believe that if you see a need, you meet the need. Not just feeding and clothing, but through the love of Christ. To share a message of HOPE, FAITH, and UNITY. To uplift and strengthen the nation of Jamaica.